Arrival of a new batch of « minions » at Couture de Fantaisie

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Among my many millions of activities, here is one that eventually gets materialised. In 2013 on a lazy afternoon , I started making a little animal from an old ripped  pair of jeans and stuffed it with rice so it could hold my books or my door. It somewhat looked like an owl. The poor result did not stop me and I later created a nice little octopus, then came a lazy panda, a koala, and now an elephant … a whole elephant family actually. They weigh around 1.5kg, are all different and hold books or doors with stoicism.

Thanks to all the enthusiastic feedback I received and to the many clothes donations, I am now opening my shop on Etsy. Along with it, I also created a website with more info and with a catalogue of all my creations.

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