Le maître des Sushis

Deux illustration pour t-shirt pour un projet de charité.

Tako Sushi_small_RGB*Sushi Sensei (maître du sushi)  **Tako Sushi (sushi au poulpe)


Tuzi loves Baozi_small*Les lapins aiment les pains à la vapeur


New Poster for Improvisation Event

Improvis'Action 2015 - Flyer A6 - Face A

For the second time, I was asked to provide a poster for a new Improvisation event in Brussels. The event is organised by Improvis’Action  to raise money for GRATTE, a Belgian non-profit-making organisation for disabled people.

A French and a Belgian team will compete against each other in a nice musical ambiance carried on by the Wallagains Impro Trio who will come all the way from France to Brussels (thanks to the Thalys, it won’t be such a long trip ^_^).

Should your business bring you to Brussels on the 23 May, then do not miss a chance to attend this event. places will be sold out fast, so do not wait up!

>>Link to poster

Sketch Improvis'Action 2015_01

The man from London

London is a very fast-paced city where everything and everyone go really fast.

Let’s go back in a few dozen thousand years to see how the man from London has evolved compared to other cities and countries…

Man from Londinium