The man from London

London is a very fast-paced city where everything and everyone go really fast.

Let’s go back in a few dozen thousand years to see how the man from London has evolved compared to other cities and countries…

Man from Londinium


Chinese characters

All Chinese characters are supposed to be derived from an ancient drawing representing its meaning. In my calligraphy class that day, we practice to write the character  (mother) – although this one with the upper two strokes is (each, every). Anyway, I just figured a way to imagine the original ancient root of the drawing that led to this pattern… INK_Chinese caracter and babies

This second drawing s for the character (woman).

INK_Chinese caracter Mother

Chinese New year – Rabbit

Practicing Chinese calligraphy, we used these red squares of paper to draw the traditional Chinese New Year’s 福 (happinesse) or 春 (spring), but then again after a while I wanted to draw something else, so here it is, for the Rabbit Year.INK_Rabbit Tuzi