Illustration for Tom

To reward Tom for spotting a mistake in a Chinese ideogram I drew in one of my short cartoons, I appointed him Knight of the order of the « much tormented and mistreated Chinese spelling and grammar within my drawings ». A title he will proudly bear, I am sure.


No more mice!

In July 2014, I finally had an opportunity to leave my former houseshare which was infested with mice.

These old Victorian houses look really nice on the outside, and even inside when the property is well managed by the landlord, nicely furbished and well maintained by the tenants, they can be a very nice and cosy home. However, due to their age, these houses offer a great shelter to little creatures and you quickly find out that the hollow walls are part of a transportation system with tunnels and accesses for mice, not even limited to the house as they are often linked to the next house.

Sadly tired by all the squeaking and scratching sounds in the wall at the head of my bed, I decided to seize an opportunity to move out and go live in a nice and more recent flat in Limehouse basin.

Supporting the Belgian devils


This 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil, the Belgian football team is surprinsingly exceeding all our hopes and created a wave of euphoria everywhere in the little Kingdom (yes, Belgium has a king) of Belgium.

In support of the team’s efforts and to share the euphoria a little (although I am not a football fan at all), I drew this nice triceratops that supports the Belgian Devils.

I decay, you decay…

Living in an old Victorian house in London may seems great in terms of space and perhaps even architecture, however these one-century old houses are badly insulated against the cold and noises, and most of all they are full of holes, therefore a paradise for mice.

I made the unpleasant experience to have a dead mouse somewhere in the walls of my kitchen, out of reach of course (won’t make it too easy, will it). My housemates and I had no choice but to live with the foul smell for two weeks. Thank you Febreze for these lovely dual air fresheners. Can you make 5-in-1, too?

Let’s be positive. Now I can tell you how it is, starting with a very old dirty sock whiff and quickly transforming into a putrid-vomit-like smell. Good to know (or not) ^_^

The Snoopy man

London is a very eclectic city when it comes to fashion. People dare wear particular outfits one would never think of on the continent.

Do the British not care for what they wear? Do they simply disregard other people’s judgment? Do they abide by the Romans’ Carpe Diem motto?

Whatever the reason, they always catch my eye and as a continental european, I cannot see a better way to share my amusement and spread the trends otherwise than in drawing them and sharing the trends with you.